The Best Type of Windows for Your Home  

Windows are simply mesmerizing. They provide us a view of the outside and also, they actually have amazing function that a mere aesthetic in our home. Imagine a home without windows; it can look very isolating and very hot during the summer. You may have cooling and ventilation systems but windows are simply a part of a wonderful home.  


Windows provide natural ventilation in our homes. If you are running on a tight budget and you need to cut on some electricity bills, you will most likely slowdown on cooling systems specially during the summer. Also, windows can help you with natural lighting. During the day, keep your lights of and have some natural light coming inside your home. It’s refreshing and very economical to have windows installed inside your home. If you already have windows in your home and thinking about hiring windows and glass installation college station professionals near you, you should know the best types of windows to install.  

There are a lot of window types you can choose from. All of them are functional and beautiful and if you want to have windows that are large and rings beauty and elegance then you should try these types of windows:  

  • Arched windows – can add architectural complexity inside your home and design to get you a large view of your outside garden. Typically install in the foyer or living room.  
  • Bay windows – usually installed in rooms to provide and extended look and space. This is great if you want to maximize space and have a beautiful window.  
  • Bow windows – similar to bay windows but adds more accent to you home. They also provide shelf space but could cost more than bay windows.  
  • Garden windows – If you love putting indoor plants to add as an accent inside your home, then you can definitely install some garden windows. They protrude outside for your plants to catch sunlight and water them regularly.  
  • Glass block windows – usually designed frosted and patterned, these types of windows induce light and at the same time a very nice décor for your home.  

If you are looking for a more functional type of windows, you will be looking for these types:  

  • Hooper windows – open from the top and crank open to tip down. They are usually installed in basements to provide better insulation and keep debris from entering the home.  
  • Jalousie windows – you can find homes installed with jalousie windows commonly in Asia and old homes around the world. This is glass version of blinds which you can easily close and open.  
  • Egress windows – are designed mainly for safety. In case of fire and any type of emergency, they can be a quick escape route.  
  • Awning windows – if you are located in a country or city with frequent rains, then you should get awning windows. When opened they work as a rain resistant visor, you can get fresh air while enjoying the sound of the rain.  
  • Single hung windows – the most common type of window you can see. Very simple to use, as the upper panel remains stationary and the lower panel slides up and down.