Familiarizing Your Clients from Top to Bottom

To actually be your four-limbed client’s second-best man, same as to with your fur pets, checking cats and dogs on a regular basis from head to heels can determine an issue early as well as prevent it from becoming one of your worst problems to deal with. In the event of an illness or injury, an overall or thorough check is a very vital component in identifying what is not quite appropriate, and also, discovering additional injuries which might require to be dealt with prior to visiting veterinary care.

You should brush up on inspecting vitals and that reminds you that ranges considered to be normal for every size and species variation. The more you familiarize yourself with the usual body language of your pet, physical characteristics and habits, the more easily you will determine something is not right.

Before You Start

Project calm. Through your gentle touch, the cat or dog in your care will basically absorb your energy, so you need to get in a very good state of mind and emotion prior to making a start. Performing a check from top to bottom can become a true bonding experience and a socializing one. In addition to that, helping to have your four-limbed client comfortable with your gentle touch just might help him make a better client at the hands of the groomer and the veterinarian, so providing him with the once over is very beneficial on several degrees.

Begin at the head and then, work your way to the tail, observing the coat and skin, feeling for scrapes, bumps, lumps and anything which should not be there such as foxtails, burrs or parasites. Areas which are so tender by watching the facial expressions, vocalizations, movements and gestures of the animal. Some pets tolerate a painful touch and do remain stoic, therefore, be observant enough to clenched jaws and some other unusual behaviors.


Gently and carefully clean the ears of waxy debris and dirt with the proper ear wash on a soft fabric. Witch hazel or equal portions of water and apple cider vinegar are good options, just like the room temperature green tea with no sweeteners, that has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. If you see parasites, redness or smell a foul odor which comes from the ears of the animal, do not ever touch it but instead, you consult this kind of problem to a professional and experienced veterinarian for better professional assessments.

Furthermore, ear infections are very painful and may result in debilitating if not treated as soon as possible. Discovery of a small dark debris that looks like a coffee ground could be mite or flea, so an expert check-up would be in the right order. New products are available on the nearest market, so consult one to a professional veterinarian about what brands work perfectly in your place so you may want to share this information with your clients when asked. Also, you should always encourage them to speak with your own veterinarian if in doubt of things. If you’re trying to find a pet sitter near your area, visit pet sitters Greenville SC.